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Posted by Jay on December 21, 2008 at 5:12 AM

Feel free to add anything you want others to Pray about. This is the place to let others know you need Gods help!

We as brothers and sisters in Christ are encouraged to share with others our needs.

You can also use this area to post a prayer you have prayed for someone

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Reply deborahsoutham
5:57 AM on January 30, 2012 
i have been suffering bad headachs for the past 3 months not sure whats causing them have just been given a referal to see a neurologist at the out patient clinic at the hospital please pray that i get in quickly to see someone so i can solve the headaches
Reply Deborah Southam
6:51 AM on November 30, 2011 
please keep me in prayer as i have had really bad migrain since saturday afternoon and am in a deal of pain
Reply Jay
4:01 AM on August 21, 2011 
We will be praying for you and thanking the Lord as you have done for putting you were he wants you to be.
JASON says...
Praise the Lord!. I am Jason from Malaysia. I have completed high school. The last year in school, i face alot of problem. Due to the problem, I did not get good result. Since i was a kid, i have a high interest of becoming an airline pilot. Brother, i feel so sad and broken heart. I cant eat or sleep well. It's something i wanted since childhood. Really brother everyday i would cry whenever i think about it. I feel so sad like going through depression. I really cant accept it. All my friends are now pilots with airlines but not me. Sometimes i feel like going crazy when i think about it. Everyday i would cry and ask the lord!. There's one intake in airasia this november which i am going to apply. Please pray for me me so that i must get it in one go. I want to glorify the lord's name. So brother i kindly request a prayer from you. Please pray that the airlines would take me in as a cadet pilot with the result i apply. I really want to be a pilot. I made a promise that i would offer churches and help the poor once i'm a pilot. Please pray for me brother. I hope to share the good news soon. Thanks and god bless.
Reply Jay
7:26 AM on July 14, 2011 
Please pray for my Brother and his wife!!! They had to just come home from the hospital WITHOUT their 6 day old babby girl a she is in the special care nursery with a virus and she is very sick!! please please pray for her?!?
Reply Jay
10:31 AM on June 19, 2011 
Please pray That God will grant me peace and give me a clear understanding of hois will for my life. Pray that I will be putting him first in all things - not just on th outward appearance but in the heart as well!
Reply Cheryl
5:11 PM on January 8, 2011 
Please pray for me in this New Year. I am praying for strength in the Lord, a financial miracle, if the Lord wants for me to have 2nd job.
My grandson who has been showing some inappropriate behaviors.
My health and weight issues. All these things weigh heavily on me.
Thank you
Reply Dale Joan Stoffel
10:06 AM on November 25, 2010 
Please join me in the prayer that, as for me & my WHOLE house, we will serve the LORD!
Reply Jay
9:10 AM on August 18, 2010 
Please pray for the country of Australia as this weekend we will vote for a new Prime Minister. Please also pray for my cousin Caleb that the Lord will awaken his soul and make sure his heart does not get to hardened.
Reply Jay
9:09 AM on August 18, 2010 
Just wondering how your green card went?
Anitha says...
Dear Pastor in Christ,

Please pray for my Denmark Green card Visa, past from one year I'm waiting, i have hope on my Almighty Lord Jesus Christ that sure he ill give me, but same time i need the support of prayer warrior. Pastor i like to settle in Abroad.

In Christ

Reply Jay
5:36 PM on December 25, 2009 
I am leaving for mission today, please pray that we are able to reach the lost for Christ!
Reply Ian isabel Conales
10:50 AM on November 25, 2009 
Please pray for PEACE in our country PHILIPPINES., many had been massacred because of political struggle and greed in power, National Election is soon to come...
Reply Ian isabel Conales
10:46 AM on November 25, 2009 
Please pray for peace in our country, many had been massacre because political struggle, and greed in power.
Reply Dale Joan Stoffel
8:10 PM on November 24, 2009 
I would like prayer for a very dear friend of mine that I know through facebook. She left a comment that gave me a wide open opportunity to witness to her & I did . Since we have photograghy in common I also sent her the link to my Words of Hope album. Lord Jesus, please open Bonnie's heart to the words I wrote & to Your words in the scriptures in the captions of the pictures in that album. In your Holy Name I pray,.Amen !
Reply Dale Joan Stoffel
8:19 PM on September 3, 2009 
My husband & I would like prayer for our friend who is going through a rough time and is hospitalized for severe emotional problems. He professes salvation , but struggles alot in many ways. He needs the right housing situation when his time at the hospital is up.
Reply Jay
9:00 AM on August 14, 2009 
So true.
I also know another saying.
Don't know when to pray? Try it on days ending with Y!
Please pray for my brothers and my father that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
[email protected] says...
my dad always says that God specializes in waiting till we admit what we want is impossible and then He shows us His power by turning it around!!! will be praying for u!
Reply Jay
8:58 AM on August 14, 2009 
Ian Isabel says...
Most Heavenly Father,

Give me a pure heart so that the rest of my life will be pure also.
May i be humble not only in my actions but also in my thoughts.
May contentment be exhibited in my speech as well as felt in my inner desires.
May compassion be godly not only in the deed themselves but also in the motives behind the acts.
May my diligence in details be mirrored by the care we take of the hidden places in our hearts.
May the wisdom that I offer others be lived out in my relationship with the members of our own family.
OH dear GOD, give me a pure heart.
Reply Ian Isabel
12:12 PM on August 13, 2009 
Most Heavenly Father,

Give me a pure heart, so that the rest of my life will be pure also.
May i be humble not only in my actions but also in my thoughts.
May contentment be exhibited in my speech as well as felt in my inner desires.
May compassion be Godly not only in the deed themselves but also in the motives behind my acts.
May my deligence in detail be mirroed by the care i take of the hidden places-in my hearts.
May the wisdom the i offer others be lived out in my relationship with the member of my own family.
Oh dear GOD, give me a pure heart.
Reply Ian Isabel Conales
4:16 PM on August 1, 2009 
Please , pray for me that i will pass the UPCAT scholarship exam today. Such scholarship is for the continuance of my schooling next year.
Reply woge aka noge
6:06 AM on July 23, 2009 
I praise God for the Holiday Kids Club that it want well although no kid or dad or mum got saved bit it was awesome and thank God for giving us breath every second and not everyone thinks about it but if we do its amazing what God does in our lives that we know not about

Psalm 119:9
Wherewithal shall a young man cleans his way? by taking heed thereto according to Thy word.
Reply Jay
9:31 AM on June 3, 2009 
Praise God for the opportunity he has given my family and I to go to USA and relax as well as share with Heathers family! Pray that we can be a light unto the world and a salt unto the earth whilst we are here! THANKS