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Dale Joan Stoffel
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The Lord gave mr this song 20 years ago, when our oldest son, Caleb, was a toddler.

It may not be an Easter song, but since it points us to a greater, more victorious ,ressurection life through trusting in the Lord, I suppose it fits.

When I wrote it I was sure our son would always walk in that victorious life. It would be my most wondrous gift on Resurection Sunday ( Easter) to know that our prodigal son has returned to his full inheritance!


Caleb's Song 

Verse 1:

Moses sent 12 men

To spy out Canaan Land

When they saw giants there 10 said

'We cannot stand!'

But Joshua and Caleb trusted in the Lord,

They believed in His promise,

And took Him at His word.


So while a whole generation,

Died in their unbelief and sin,


So while a whole generation

Died in their unbelief and sin,

Joshua & Caleb, got their full inheritance.




Verse 2:

35 years later, Caleb had grown old,

But trusting in the Lord,

Gave him strength & made him bold.

He looked upon the mountains of Hebron & knew,

the Lord would be with him

As he fought THOSE giants, too!

Verse 3:

So if the world around you tells you

‘There’s no use to fight‘,

Be like brave Caleb & don’t give in to fright.

Read God’s word and seek His face

And He’ll reveal His plan.

Submitting to His will,

‘Ill take that mountain!’ Caleb cried,

Trusting in God’s power and His word!

Numbers 13

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Dale Joan Stoffel
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Posts: 3

The last 2 sentences are out of place, but, like I said, you can get the idea.

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