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Upon the cross they laid You down,

Upon Your head they placed a crown.

They nailed You to that awful tree,

Yet when they did, it was for me.

Your back was beaten, bruised and sore,

The human You could take no more.

But as You lay upon that tree,

Your Spirit says You thought of me.

I hear the nails they hammered through,

My God, the pain I’ve caused for You.

And now You cause my eyes to see,

You did it all, in love, for me.

The soldier’s spear, it pierced Your side,

For me You truly lived, and died.

What more could any lover give?

You died, and rose, that I might live.

For me You suffered all that pain,

That I might Adam’s state regain,

Become again God’s favoured child,

As when on Adam He first smiled.

How can such love I understand,

Although Your Spirit holds my hand.

He teaches me to seek Your way,

And walk along it day by day.

I may not have the voice to sing,

And make the halls of heaven ring.

But I can sing within my heart,

My Lord, my God, how great Thou art.

Ailsa Yates 7/4/96

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